Leg 1 – Portsmouth to Swansea

Here is the route for Leg 1 -  Organiser – Darren Lambe

  1. 19/08/12 – Portsmouth FC
  2. 20/08/12 – Southampton FC
  3. 23/08/12 – AFC Bournemouth
  4. 13/097/12 – Torquay Utd
  5. 17/09/12 – Plymouth Argyle
  6. 21/09/12 – Exeter City
  7. 25/09/12 – Yeovil Town FC
  8. 30/09/12 – Swindon Town
  9. 04/10/12 – Bristol City
  10. 05/10/12 – Bristol Rovers
  11. 09/10/12 – Cardiff City
  12. 13/10/12 – Swansea City

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2 thoughts on “Leg 1 – Portsmouth to Swansea

  1. You are to be be commended on even attempting this. The pace you are setting yourself is very demanding, and seems to ignore that everywhere you go people will want to buy you a shedful of beer. Do you need help on a route from Bristol to Cardiff – you seem to have a gap there. It is possible to walk across the old M4 bridge. I will try and join you for a day or two then although I am away until 20th Sept. I livein the Cardiff area.

    • Barry,

      Thanks for your well wishes, I am hoping that I will have a beer or two along the way, theres a lot of pubs on route!

      I’m putting together a calendar with contact numbers and accomodation details as they are firmed up, I’m along way from Bristol but hopefully I’ll
      make it on time and without injury.

      As for the path into Wales, is there a ferry? I don;t mind walking the Bridge, but would prefer a more scenic route.

      Scott M

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