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  1. Howdoo Scott,

    Trying to sort a few things out, and I came accross this:


    There’s no date on it, so I don’t know if it’s old and didn’t happen or likely to be happening at the same time as yours!

    The WorldNet stuff has been sent off and Des has reserved a page, I’ve also put a shout out on the UK St Pauli website and IFA Message board for help.

    One thing I have noticed on this website, is the maps are from prior to the changes over the summer (as I still have Hereford on my route). I know you are snowed under with plenty of other things at the moment, but I thought I’d mention it, especially if the advertising is starting to get underway.

    Hope you are well!

    Have Fun,


    • Urbs,

      Thanks, no idea if that link is valid or not, but I simply need to concentrate on my own Walk, not heard from anyone that its been done before so far.

      As for the maps, i’ll check them all again!


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