Ouch! My toe has gone pop.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing.

After only two days I have had to stop my walk due to a bad injury to my right foot. It was a very tough two days to start with, but I had ploughed on and probably made the classic mistake of not looking after any blisters properly. That was certainly the case when the little toe on my right foot exploded as I was searching for a campsite outside Lymington.

Yes, exploded. Yuck.

Oddly enough it didn’t hurt too much, possibly because by this time both feet ached and I was just set on getting to the campsite before dusk.

It had been a tough but fun walk across the New Forest but its obvious to me now I had gone too far. After enjoying a sunny lunch in Beaulieu I made the decision to walk to Lymington and the campsite there. A bad decision in the end.

So I’ve had to head back to Pompey on Docs orders to let the toe heal and then decide when i can head off again. I’ll have to rethink the footwear and the weight of my bag perhaps and strap up my feet to avoid the type of blister I encountered in my first two days.

Thanks for all the good wishes from everyone, it is much appreciated. I will go on and I will complete this challenge.

I will keep you posted.

Day one, phew what a scorcher!

I didn’t quite make it to Southampton today, not for the want of trying because tempretures touched nearly 30 degrees today and although  knew it would be hard, but I had no idea.

Still, doing over 15 miles today was an achievement on a day that the most people should have been doing is sipping a cold drink in the shade. a cold drink in the shade.

I had a great send off from friends and family and a few of us walked to see me off at the hard and on the ferry to Gosport.  Special mention to Ruth Taylor who is a delightful lady and really honoured me with her presence today.

I would like to also thank everyone who sent good wishes today and to Brendan and Mel who have fed me and out me up tonight, i am reliant on people like them to help me along my journey.

So, I’m off to any Pompey fans mortal enemies tomorrow for a brief wave and a few pictures then I shall move on quickly to the New Forest and my first couple of nights under canvas.

Wish me luck!





Olympics fever grips Britain

What a first week at the London Olympics! I have been lucky enough to see quite a lot of it live on telly so far and the sport has matched the drama and class of the opening ceremony that set the tone of the next two weeks of sport which has been played out at the highest level.

I said to myself when I was thinking about completing my walk, that starting just after the end of the Olympics in August would probably give me the encouragement and determination that was needed to complete my marathon.

I was not wrong.

I have sat glued to my TV (which has not been turned off by SKY yet when it should have been….shhh! don’t tell them just yet…) and gone through the full gamut of emotions watching people strive to achieve their dreams and themselves go through awesome emotions in victory and defeat.  Last Thursday saw #TeamGB gain its first Gold and the two ladies who got it brought me to tears when they crossed the line, they had such joy and incredulity cursing through their bodies it was a pleasure to witness it.

Also the young 15 year old swimmer, Ruta Meilute, who was coached in Plymouth, looked like she had wandered into the Aquatic Centre by mistake and then just swam to Gold with relative ease.  When she exited the pool she had a look on her face that said to the World “Have I just done that?”.  Amazing stuff.  Add to that the drama from the Men’s Gymnastics competition when the boys looked as if they had secured silver when they were over the moon to get bronze and every day you have a story that makes you gasp.

And of course we had “Super Saturday” where Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah lived up to their billing as Gold Medal prospects in such astounding fashion, a night that will live long in the memory for everyone who saw it. 

I was lucky enough to go to Earls Court – where there was some top class British mopping of the court going on by the volunteers – on one afternoon and see some Volleyball. Played by huge men that would not look out of place in a Sam Allardyce team.  There was huge Polish support there and it felt like a home game for their team when they took to the court, they easily beat an Argentine team 3-0.  It was great fun to see an event at the Olympics as I was unsuccessful in getting any tickets in the ballot so thanks to my mate Dunc for letting me have one. 

The atmosphere in London has been remarkable, people enjoying themselves and smilingon public transport, even during the busiest times, unheard of really and getting around has been a joy as well.  The organisation has been very un-British!

One regret I have is that I applied to be a Gamesmaker and didn’t follow it up, I wish I had now. They all seem to be having the time of their lives no matter where they are or which venue.

Its just under two weeks until I embark on my particular challenge of a lifetime and I wonder just how many more stories of human endeavour and achievement will we see before the Olympics finish?

One or two I suspect.