Captain Scott, meet your Amundsen

From a very early age being called Scott allowed your friends and other kids at school to make all sorts of jokes as kids do about names, some rhyming some picking out characters from history.  If I had a quid for every time someone who, upon hearing my name, replied “Ah, Scott of the Antarctic” I’d probably have enough to buy the kit and clothing I need to take on the challenge of walking to all 92 Clubs and have some left over.

As much as it has annoyed me over the years, it has spookily become relevant to my attempt.  If you don’t know your history I’ll give you a potted one I nicked from Wikipedia.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott attempted to be the first man to reach the South Pole early in the 20th Century with his expedition team but sadly it failed with he and all his team dying on the return.

To add to the tragedy Scott was beaten by a Norwegian, Roald Amundsen and his team, who was much better prepared for the trip and crucially used Dogs to help the expedition rather than the Ponies that Scott fatally chose for his.

Without finding evidence to the contrary so far I believed that I would be the first to Walk to all 92 Football Clubs in one go.

Not so!

My “Amundsen” is currently half way round on his attempt and it is called WalkingUnited.  Paul Hodgkinson, who is partially blind, is walking the 92 clubs for the RNIB and also Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  He faces losing his sight altogether in the future, a horrifying thought for anyone to deal with.  You can see more about him at and I hope you donate to his causes.

If Paul can make it round, going at twice the pace I will be and also with only one eye, then it puts my attempt into context and how hard it will be for me, or not.  That gives me great encouragement and excitement as I enter the month before the off on Sunday August 19th.

I hope that unlike Captain Scott I make it round in one piece and like Amundsen, Paul beats me to the 92 first.